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Why don’t we allow Innovation in Education to happen?

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By:  Alex Wenzel

Sir Ken Robinson, Sugata Mitra, Geoffery Canada and nearly every big name in education are talking about it.  In fact, everyone’s talking about it.  My co-workers, my neighbors, politicians, hollywood figures.  The news, internet, and media sources.

The education system needs to change.   At least we all agree on that part.

Why?  The traditional system is a one-size-fits all model designed for a different era.  Students are educated in batches receiving the same content at the same time and at the same pace.  The system demands conformity in a factory-like setting.  But the western world today isn’t setup for production and manufacturing like the traditional model was intended.  Professionals today agree, we need creativity and innovation in our markets.  Students need flexibility, critical thinking, collaboration and communication skills to be successful in jobs of the future.

Children today grow up in a connected, rapidly changing world of abundance.  Traditional school models don’t matchup with students’ daily reality.  As a result, our students are demotivated, disenchanted, and uninspired by what schools have to offer.

What should education look like and how do we make the transition?

As a group of educators from all over the globe, we’ve decided that we can and will imagine schools differently.  This blog is our brainstorming canvas.  We embrace the impossible, unlikely, and far-fetched  ideas.  We listen to the needs of our students, our schools, our communities, and our world.

We are Imagining School as we would dream it so we can create it.

Author: wenzelalex

International Educator interested in rethinking education for a sustainable future.

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